Innovation Effect

There is an innovator in town- Mafikeng Innovation Hub (MIH). The pedestal you have been waiting for, to stand on with giants and perchance rub shoulders.

MIH believes that true impact requires a collective action. MIH aims to build collaborative innovative communities that continually engage in sharing resources and transfer knowledge. MIH’s strength comes from the diversity of our members and the merriment of their uniquely inspired ideas and innovative ways of working, united by their ways of working, united by their mission of sustainable positive impact.

We reckon innovation ripple effects to light other light-bulbs and that is the reason we exist.


 MIH is aimed at introducing, empowering, training and enabling entrepreneurs, admiring entrepreneurs, tertiary students, in the small business sector to succeed in growing and creating jobs, we believe the hub will serve as a central center for businesses in Mafikeng.